Nuclear Nonproliferation Track

There is a growing need in the US government and other international, regional and local agencies for well-trained professionals in the field of Nuclear Nonproliferation. To meet this need Georgetown University has developed an 18-month program intended for students interested in a career in this field. The objective of this program is to create a talented pool of nonproliferation specialists with a strong background in the scientific/technological aspects of the subject as well as an understanding and appreciation of the policy issues involved. Students will acquire in-depth scientific and technical knowledge of nuclear nonproliferation, while the policy aspects are embedded with the science in a unique set of courses that were developed specifically for this program. In addition, the core courses in Radiation Science, Radiation Protection and Environmental Radiation will provide a background in the effects of ionizing radiation on humans and protection from radiation both manmade and environmental. Opportunities for internships at the Department of Energy (DOE), or other facilities in the US or abroad will be available and will provide the student with practical work experience.

Required Courses

  • Radiation Science
  • Radiation Protection
  • Radiation Detection
  • Environmental Radiation
  • Introduction to Nuclear Nonproliferation
  • Nuclear Weapons Detection and Production Cycle
  • Indicators of Nuclear Proliferation