Differences between Standard Track & Concentration

Standard Track vs Nuclear Nonproliferation Concentration

The table below shows the differences between the standard track and the nuclear nonproliferation concentration. Students should select the concentration most suited to them and their career goals.

Standard Track versus Nuclear Nonproliferation concentration
Standard Track Nuclear Nonproliferation Concentration
24 Month Program 24 Month Program
Full-Time and Part-Time Options Full-Time and Part-Time Options
26 Credits 30 Credits
9 Required Courses 9 Required Courses
0 Elective Course 2 Elective Courses
Thesis Research 3 Month Nuclear Nonproliferation Internship
Courses Specific to Standard Track


  • RASC 530: Cancer Risk Assessment*
  • RASC 993/994: Thesis Research


Courses Specific to Concentration


  • RASC 600: Environmental Health Physics 
  • RASC 760: Indicators of Nuclear Proliferation
  • RASC 998: Nuclear Nonproliferation Internship